Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Ayurvedic Tourism Packages

Ayurveda means to know about the life. It is one of the world's oldest entire body  healing systems.
It depends on the fact  that health relied up  on the balance  between the  soul, mind and body. The basic concept of Ayurveda is to improve the health condition, instead of fighting with the disease. But medications might be prescribed for particular health  issues.
Meditrawell is an established Medical Tourism Provider in Kerala which offers Ayurvedic Tourism Packages and also it is associated with various well-known hospitals in India.
 Some of the Ayurvedic hospitals linked with Meditrawell includes:
  • Acharya Ayurgramam
  • Kerala Ayurveda Hospital
  • Ayushetram
  • Ayurveda Mana
  • Vidyaratnam
  • Wefsa Hospitality
Some of the Hospitals Associated with Meditrawell includes the following :
  • Apollo Hospital-Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore
  • Fortis Hospital, Bangalore
  • Narayana Hrudayalaya Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore
  • Sri Ramachandra Medical Center, Chennai
Meditrawell offers various therapies.
It includes the following:
  • Panchakarma -Panchakarma treatments includes vamana, virechana, vasti, nasya,  
  • Purva Karmas - It includes snehana, snehapanam, swedana.
  • Special Ayurvedic Treatments -It includes Shiro lepa, Takradhara, Sarvangadhara, Pinda Sweda, Janu Vasti.
  • Yoga Therapy -For long lasting health.
Various Ayurvedic treatments includes the following:
  • Karkidaka Chikitsa
  • Pre & Post Natal Care
  • Skin & Hair Care
  • Spine Care
  • Post Trauma Treatments
  • Skin Diseases
Meditrawell is an experienced Medical Tourism Portal in India which is really cost effective. It offers various tourist packages which includes the following :
  • Diamond Class - Meditrawell offering  services to the customers which starts from Airport. They will arrange stay at 5 Star Hotel and also a trained traveller expert will direct you to the hospital. They also provides pre consultation and admission assistance.
  • Platinum Class - It is less expensive than diamond class package.
  • Economy Package - It offers weekly two visits to hospital and a trained travel expert will accompany the customer to the hospital.
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